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Devious Journal Entry

Westley Finn_for Deda
by ~elianthos80 on deviantART

Deav Diavy!
I found thif moft amafing pictuve of the doctov layiung avound.... I think fomebody loft it, but it'f okay if I keep it, ifn't it?
Oh, doctov doctov! Cuve my heavt!!! Kyaaaaaah! XD

Fweet Eaftev!
Deav Diavy,
Fo appavently I've heavd fvom my new fviend, Quoque-tu, that  my fianfè, Caffandva, and my new fuitov had a fecvet vendef-vouf behind my back in a fanfy veftauvant called: The Galley!

I cannot believe thif! Can you believe thif? I know! è_é GRRR

I waf waiting and waiting fov my pvinfe to come to me and then he goef and takef Caffandva out to dinnev? What if that! O_o

But then my fviend Quoque-tu mentioned the fact that maybe my Pvinfe if too fhy and if ovevewhelmed by my beauty (undoubtedly) and he waf pvobably afking fome advifef to Caffandva finfe fhe knowf me fo well!

Oh, I wondev, poov cutie, he might be afking about my favovite thingf, to pleafe me and fuvpvife me with a beautiful pvefent! *ç* How lovely would the plaineft pvefent be if it comef fvom tvue love! But he wantf to make fuve it if not the plaineft at all! What a fweety! <3

My Goodneff!

Dear Diavy, you cannot immagine what haf happened to me thif week.
Let me dvaw you a pictuve..... ^__--

Feeee.... I told you, vight, that Caftalia and I weve going to play hide and feek with 2 nice ftudf... well, we had to fwim all the way to thif gigantic boat and, actually, I got tived and boved aftev a while fo fhe had to cavvy me on hev back while I waf vomantically ftaving at the moon.
Anywayf I am not a boy of action. (U__U)°

When we got on thif boat she told me that, to bettev play hide and feek, I fhould hide too and... I tvuly don't undevftand why, fince the game doefn't wovk that way, but fhe waf the one hiding me.  It waf a nice bavvel of wine and it made me rathev happy! I dvank it all too and felt fo enevgetic like I could take on the wovld! \(è_é)/
Come to me, beautiful ftud playing hide and feek... veady ov not, heve I come!
Then it all got davk and I fell afleep untile I heavd Caftalia call my name and I made a nife entvance, cuf it if fooo impovtant to make a nife fivft impveffion - and I was weaving the nightgown... oh, I hate that gown, fo I waf at difadvantage - and faid an elegant YOHOOOOo! \(^__-)>

Aaaah, evevyone waf fo amafed at the way I looked, they weve fafinated and the hide and feek studf where fooooo happy to fee me they ftavted to cvy! (ç_ç)

Fov fome reafonf, which ave a bit uncleav to me, Caftlia waf faying I was not hev fianfé (not that I am happy eithev about thif folution and, if theve if fomeone who fhould complain about the avvangement that would be me - but af I faid we kind of compenfate each otherv).... 
Not that I veally caved about it but I felt that if I didn't fay fomething fhe would be difappointed - I had the feeling fhe waf faying that in ovedev to fpave me fome tvouble, but I don't feav the confequenfes when my little coufin needf help. (èoé)/

In the end thif... thif... mavvelouf ecfample of male dominanfy... took Caftalia away fvom me and fvom theve, you know, it had become a mattev of pvinciplef.... and I waf becoming hiftevical when he fuddenly, flapped in the face... in fuch a manly waaaay!!!! I was fuffucated by hif vivil pvefence... ov maybe it waf just the fact he waf dvagging me by the collav... (>_<)

Still it waf bveath-thaking! (*ç*)____

In the end, maybe becaufe my beauty contuvbated him fooo much... he engaged me to Caffandva... and fhe if foooo my favovite.
But that attvacted the attention of another beautiful ftud!!! Who took me in hif avms and took me away af If I Weve a Pvinfeff and dvagged me to hif voom, weve it waf davk and myftevious.... and and.... left me theve waiting fov him to get veady fov my love!

I am ftill waiting fov him to come back, honeftly... I wondev wheve he haf gone!



The Pirate Balthasar - on Live Journal.
Hello theve,
thif if youv beloved Pifo... you can call me Pifetto!
Let uf all have fun toghethev heve with all kindf of ideaf, fan avt and fuch!

I think I juft found the love of my life on thif pivate fhip called Alidivento... *ç*
I might juft dvaw a naked povtvait of my fpecial fomeone... fooo vomantic, I feel like Leonavdo di Capvio in Titanic!  *___*
I am quite the accomplifhed avtift, you'll fee!


Don't miff chaptev two!I'll be fooooo chavming!
You'll love me and my new love ftovy if about to begin!I am fuch a lovev!!!!


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